2019 Presidential Election; NORTH CENTRAL PREDICTION – Oyedeji Nurudeen Ademola


KogiYahaya Bello negative influence may likely rub APC of victory in Kogi State. He has successfully gave a bad image to people clamouring for youth to be in a position of governance.

Though PDP is also not too strong in the state. It will be a battleground.
Buhari 50% – Atiku 50%

Benue – The handling of herdsmen/ farmer crisis by this administration has completely damage APC fortune.

It will be a miracle if APC has 30% vote cast in the state. George Akume will need to be at his best in order to get anything meaningful for APC.

Since the current governor moved to PDP, he has continuously paint APC has a devilish party.
Buhari 25% – Atiku 75%

Plateau-: Gov. Lalong has done well for himself considering the volatile nature of Plateau state. It will be a close race between the 2 parties.

Ethnicity and Religious will also play a role in this state.

APC will miss the political sagacity of former Governor Dariye. 
Buhari 50% – Atiku 50%

Nasarawa – Pres. Buhari has never won in Nassarrawa state. But the fortune is likely to change in 2019 based on the political structure of Senator Adamu and Governor Al-Makura.

Though the herdsmen/Farmer issue may also be a deciding factor. APC to win with a slim margin.
Buhari 55% – Atiku 45%

Niger – The state is home of APC. Buhari to win with a wide margin.
Buhari 80% – Atiku 20%

Kwara – “O TO GE” campaign is against Saraki and his dynasty. The political atmosphere in the state has gone from a Local derby to Real battle.

This will surely affect both parties. We will have a close race in Kwara State. Saraki will do everything to deliver the state for PDP.
Buhari 48% – Atiku 52%



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