2019 Presidential Election, ‘Harbinger of the battle of Armageddon.’

Buhari is synonymous with evil winds that blow no one any good.

President Buhari and Atiku Abubakar
President Buhari and Atiku Abubakar

As the chronological countdown to what you call Presidential election which, I tagged harbinger of the battle of Armageddon, ticks away in seconds via geometric progression, with its unfolding inauspicious events that characterized the last days of the country’s general election.

It is imperative that I warn Nigerians once again as I did in 2015 on the looming consequences of unprecedented magnitude by reason of unwise dispositions and lackadaisical attitudes by any patriotic Nigerian that would create a leeway for Buhari to extend his Draconian reign beyond the 25th of May, 2019.

Buhari is inestimably desperate to win this election by hook or by crook, this, we must resist vehemently either by hook or by crook without fear of intimidation or victimization.

Recall that before 2015, Presidential election, I warned Nigerians thrice in three consecutive posts I made, on the danger of voting Buhari into power and it’s regrettable consequences.

I warned that if for any reason God allowed Buhari to win that election, He (God), deliberately allowed it to teach Nigerians bitter lessons of preferring Darkness to Light, and Unrighteousness to Righteousness. 

Pathetically as it were, no sooner he won that election than he led Nigerians into harsh economic recession reminiscent of his military regime of 1994 – 1995. Unfortunately, Nigerians are yet to learn a bitter lesson from history. 

Buhari have absolutely nothing positive to offer Nigerians other than the unsubstantiated primitive language of “Corruption.” Ironically, an ex-ray of his antecedents within these four years on the saddle has uncontestably and incontrovertibly placed him on the topmost rung of the global ladder of corruption. 

Amazingly, he cashed in to the gullibility of Nigerians to seek re-elections to take them to NextLevel.

Yet, there is no single wise folk amongst crops of Nigerian intellectuals that could boldly confront Buhari on his nonsense Next-Level agenda, rather they cringed and succumbed to his already dead body language.

Maybe I should educate Nigerians that, NextLevel in everything we do in life, would always take one to a higher bar or tougher circumstances, just as you have in the Nigeria popular game show of – Who wants to be a millionaire?

Therefore, the interpretations of Buhari’s NextLevel connotes, whatever level of insecurity, boko haram insurgency, Fulani herdsmen killings, kidnapping, extrajudicial killings, victimization, intimidation, witch hunting, dictatorship, leadership rascality, flouting of court orders with impunity, loss of jobs, fuel pump price hike, epileptic power supply, avoidable hardships, abject poverty and misfortune, which, Buhari’s led regime subjected Nigerians into, within these four years on the saddle, would be taken to NextLevel. 

Make no mistake, Buhari has a date with history to fulfil Dan Fodio’s unfulfilled mission on earth before he went the way of all mortals. He have just one chance to hit this generational task. 

He needs three major empowerments to fulfil his mission –

  • Political power
  • Economic power
  • Religious power.

All these he has already in his kitty

Remember, as the incumbent President, he has the political power, the economic power – Treasury Single Account (TSA), of course, he is known for his uncompromised religious bigotry. 

Therefore, the only weapon left for all patriotic Nigerians to scuttle the demonic agenda of this Daura-born-long jawed-ex-General, is for all hands to be on deck to vote him out with our PVC (Permanent Voters Cards), on 16th of February, 2019, and allow a lesser evil, Waziri Atiku Abubakar, the only outstanding warrior amongst all other contestants that can confidently wrest power with Buhari, and take up the mantle. Anything short of this arrangement would spelt doom on Nigerians. 

Remember, Buhari is synonymous with evil winds that blow no one any good.


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