2019 Elections: The Parties, The Candidates and the Rest of Us! – Gbade Olaniyan Oloriire

Who knows Sowore in some Kogi village? Who is Durotoye in Kano rural areas? Obviously, the ideal thing is to choose between the two possible ones!


As the hand of the clock tickles, the proximity of the D-day and it’s consequent realities and possibilities make the heart to shiver. 

Several individuals have written all kinds of analyses and opinions based on their different angles of perception. 

I’ve read so many pieces. The social media have been agog since the time the lines were drawn.

However, majority of the real voters are not the active ones on the social media. As a missionary, I’ve been to some villages that, only one out of every ten people knows something about facebook or twitter. Yet, these are the real voters. Their opinions matter. 


I have seen how some campaign for other Candidates like Sowore, Durotoye, Moghalu, etc. I’ve even watched live interviews on the TV of some other candidates. In fact, there is one apostle among the candidates! Isn’t that interesting? 

In reality, we all must come to the fact that we have two active Political Parties – APC and PDP. Hence, two major contenders: Buhari and Atiku respectfully. 

There is no arguing or fighting about this reality. Nigeria is such a diverse nation. Region and Religion still play major roles in our political clime. 

Any candidate outside the present order would need time to align. May be the like of Sowores, Durotoyes, Moghalus and the rest should start with their state. Who knows Sowore in some Kogi village? Who is Durotoye in Kano rurals? Obviously, the ideal thing is to choose between the two possible ones! 

My friend, the principle of wasting your vote on some impossible candidate is a very lame one. Why would you intentionally waste your vote? That doesn’t sound wise enough. It’s tantamount to pride. Why would you deny the obvious? Please don’t do it! 

Let’s all concentrate our energy on what is real and possible and not some illusion.

Nigeria is evolving. Someday, these so-called unpopular candidates will appear but as it is now, let’s please forget ego-centric principles and self-styled opinion. We must look for the next President between Atiku and Buhari! We work with current reality and possibility.

Atiku or Buhari? 

Honestly the choice is clear. We have seen four years of the latter. Nobody in his right judgement should desire another four years of this kind again. 

I hereby implore my friends

  • Don’t boycott the Election 
  • Don’t vote for a candidate that CANNOT win
  • Don’t vote for a failed candidate (don’t reinforce failure)


  1. Beautiful piece Daddy…
    Though Nigeria is facing challenges, but I know she will work again!
    May God help this Nation. I hope many people get the encouragement to return on the new dates to cast their votes too


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